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Refund Policy

Under Pay As You Go (pre-paid) Plans:
The Client pays a fixed fee for each Message (Credit) that it sends.

Prepayments are not redeemable for cash or other credit

If a Client does not have sufficient Credits in order to conduct a Message campaign then the Customer must first purchase such additional Credits to enable it to conduct such Campaign.

If a Client terminates its Account with SMS Everyone the Client will not receive a refund in respect of any Credits which it has purchased and not used prior to the date of termination.


Typically SMS credits do not expire. However under some plans, SMS Everyone may impose an expiry date to pre-paid credits.

SMS Everyone will notify Clients of any changes to a particular Pay As You Go / pre-paid Plan and such changes will apply in respect of all unused Credits which the Client has in its Account and any Credits purchased after such changes were notified to the Client or published on the Website.

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