Bulk Text Marketing

You can send bulk SMS campaigns of any size through our simple web interface.

To send a marketing campaign, simply log in to our website.

If you don't have an account, you can sign up HERE

Our web interface is the simplest thing you'll ever see and sending a campaign is as easy as Copy - Paste - Send


Copy all the mobile numbers you need from excel or anywhere.

No need to save CSV files or upload anything.

The numbers can be separated by a comma, tab or new line.

We do need the numbers in international format without the + sign though.

ie your mobile numbers need to start with 642...

For example, the number 021333444, needs to be 6421333444

SMS mobile numbers in excel csv

Mobile numbers in 64 international format without the + sign


Then just paste the numbers straight into our website. We automatically calculate the amount of valid mobile numbers.


For one off SMS campaigns, paste the numbers directly into our send sms page. We will automatically remove any duplicates for you at the time of sending and refund any credits for the unsent duplicates automatically.

Paste in mobile numbers calculate valid mobiles

Mobile numbers pasted into the send sms page. The number counter on the left shows the amount of valid mobile numbers you have pasted in.

For repeat campaigns, you can paste the numbers into our lists page and we will store the list in our system for later use. There is no size limit and creating a new list can be done in 20 seconds.

save mobile numbers to sms provider

Lists of mobile numbers and their descriptions stored in our lists page

You can edit a list at any time by clicking Edit next to any list.

Use Ctrl + F to find a number in a list or paste in a bunch more numbers and click Save.

Again, we'll remove any duplicates, wash against opt-outs and save your list in under 20 seconds.


When your numbers are pasted in, type your message. We'll tell you how many characters you are using and how many credits your campaign will use.

We have SMS templates as well so you can store successful campaign messages and use them again.

Template sms. Character count. Selecting lists.

Select a stored list to send to and type your message or select an sms template. We show you how many characters, messages and credits are used.


You can either send a campaign right now or schedule the campaign for any time in the future.

scheduling an sms campaign

The simple calendar to select date and time you want to schedule a message


We comply with the New Zealand spam laws by providing you with a free optout number.

If you are sending bulk sms marketing campaigns in New Zealand, you must include "Stop SMS 2807" in your message.

We have a handy optout template that you can select which puts this into your message text first, then you simply type your message in front of this.

optout template2.png

Selecting the OPTOUT template inserts the optout message in to the body of the SMS

If somebody replies to the optout number, they are automatically removed from your database and cannot be sent an SMS again.

We send you an optout report that night showing all optouts, their mobile numbers and the messages they sent. You can view and add mobile numbers to your optout list from our optouts page and you can re-subscribe anybody who has accidentally opted out.


We have a simple reporting page so you can see all your campaigns in one place.

It shows the campaign size, date and time, the message text, the number of credits used and whether it is currently scheduled, running or sent.

You can cancel a scheduled campaign up to 5 minutes before it is due to be sent.

You can also search for campaigns by date range and the recipient's mobile number


If you're halfway through sending a large campaign and you're taking more orders you can handle, you can pause an SMS campaign. Then wait till things calm down and you're ready to take more calls and resume the campaign.

Managed Campaigns

If you prefer, we can handle sending the whole campaign for you. This includes:

  • Cleaning, de-duplicating & storing your data

  • Helping you create the most effective message text

  • Sending tests to you for approval or changes

  • Scheduling the campaign

  • Sending you optout reports

  • Updating data for future campaigns

For more info on bulk SMS campaigns contact us any time.

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