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SMS Pricing
Low cost SMS pricing for high quality delivery, speed and support.

10c including GST per SMS to all New Zealand carriers.

Even cheaper if you're doing large volumes.

  • No set up fee.

  • No monthly fees or support charges.

  • No term contract.

  • SMS credits are pre-paid and they never expire.

  • Buy in any volume you like. No minimums.

  • Post-paid billing is available to approved customers.

Billing & Payment

We accept payment via Mastercard, Visa, Electronic funds transfer and Paypal.

Auto Top Up

We can provide automatic top up of your account whenever your credits get low at no extra charge. We simply top you up, process your card and always send you an invoice.


Managed Campaigns

If we handle the sending of the SMS campaign for you, we charge just 1c per SMS extra.

Shared shortcodes

This means that the number that your customers reply to is also used by other customers. However our clever 2 way system knows that the reply is for your account. The only limitation is that you must send an outbound message to the recipient first. They cant initiate an inbound message to you first. If you need that kind of thing, see dedicated shortcodes below.

Set up fee - Nothing

Monthly fee - Nothing

Dedicated shortcodes (if required)

You would only need a dedicated shortcode if you are doing inbound campaigns where you haven't sent an outbound message to the recipient first. For standard reminders or marketing, use the shared shortcode option above for free.

Set up fee - $500

Monthly fee - $150

International SMS

Our gateway can reach just about anywhere. Contact us if you need to send SMS outside of New Zealand and we'll provide a quote and any important info.

Contact us any time if you have any queries

This offer may be amended or terminated at any time and all services provided are subject to our terms & conditions.

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