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SMS Everyone for Pipedream
Connect SMS to over 2000 apps with our Pipedream SMS App!


With our Pipedream SMS sender, you can easily connect SMS to thousands of applications.

For example, you could send an SMS to a client every time you generate an invoice in Xero.

You can personalise the SMS with any data that the 'trigger' app provides. eg Client's first name, Account ID, email, invoice number, totals, the URL of attachments etc etc.

Below is some basic instructions on how to connect an app to SMS Everyone in Pipedream.


Please note: the information below was correct and the app tested perfectly at the time this article was written. If you have trouble or notice anything different, youre welcome to contact us and let us know.

This does require some basic knowledge of APIs and specifically JSON.

Connecting the SMS Everyone App to your app in Pipedream


Before you can test our Pipedream App, you'll need an SMS Everyone account. So please sign up via the FREE TRIAL button below.

Please mention in our sign-up form that you require the account for Pipedream integration.

We'll give you a username, password and an Origin (the number/word that the message will come from) to enter into the Pipedream app.

Plus we'll give you 100 free credits to get you started.


Log in to your Pipedream account.

Go to projects.

Click "New" to create a new workflow.

In the workflow you created, you will need some trigger event in your App/Software that will tell us to send an SMS to a certain person.

In this example below, let's say that you want to receive an SMS every time an appointment is created in your Google Calendar.


Lets say that you are a salesperson and an appointment booker is booking appointments for you, adding them to your calendar and you want an SMS alert every time this happens.

This is an easy one to test as you can simply add a new appointment, wait up to 5 minutes for the trigger to fire and you'll know if its working straight away.

You would select Google Calendar as the trigger app.

In our example we will select 'New Event Created' as the 'source'

Next you would need to connect your Google account by entering your Google username and password.

Set the Timer to check every 5 minutes.

Set the Calendar ID to the same Gmail address as the Google Calendar account you set above. We found that the trigger didn't fire unless this Calendar ID was set. We tried setting it to primary and that didn't work either.

Next, go to your google calendar and create an event/appointment in the future. eg set it for tomorrow.

Then click on "save and continue"

google new event2.jpg

You'll get the option to test the connection now.

Click on the "TRY NOW" button if it is blue or youll see "select event" if it ran the test automatically. In our case below it ran automatically.

google new event to select.jpg

Select the test event. This will pass data to our app for testing so you can add the fields that you may want in the SMS.


Once you've completed the Trigger app (or the app right before where you want to send an SMS) and clicked "continue", It should offer to add an action. If not, press the + button to add the SMS Everyone app.

In the search box, type 'SMS Everyone'

You'll see our app in the results. Select it.

smse results.jpg

Once you have selected the SMS Everyone app, select the bottom option called "Send SMS"

smse pre built.jpg

Once you've selected the "Send SMS" option. You should get this screen on the right.

smse after added.jpg


Under SMS Everyone Account, it should say something like 'Connect an SMS Everyone account' or 'Select an SMS Everyone account..."

Click on the "Connect/Select an SMS Everyone account" box

You'll get a pop up with three fields:

  • Connection Name (Optional) - give this a name so you can recognise it later.

  • Username - Enter the username we gave you when you signed up

  • Password - Enter the password we gave you when you signed up


Once you have entered in your username and password, press "test connection"

smse testing connection.jpg

It should say "Test connection succeeded" and if you expand the 'details' section it should show you your basic SMS Everyone account info and a few settings. eg:






If this is the case, press "SAVE"

Please Note: We have seen cases during testing where it failed even though everything we entered was correct. If this happens, press SAVE anyway.

Now that you've connected your SMS Everyone account, make sure it shows the account connection name under SMS Everyone account.



In the 'Originator' field, enter the Originator that we gave you when you signed up

Enter it exactly as we gave it to you. It will be a 4 digit number


Then type in your message that you want to send.

You can insert variables from the trigger output by clicking on them and it will put them wherever your cursor is. See below:

smse message2.jpg


Next configure the destination/s you want to send to. This is the mobile number/s of the recipients. You can send to one or many recipients.

Click the + Destinations box under Optional Fields

You'll see it appears above the Message box and says "EMPTY"

if you want to send all messages to one fixed mobile number that never changes, enter that number in international format without the + sign in the destinations box.

eg 6421123456

If you want to send to a different number each time and your trigger app gives the recipient's mobile number in its data output, put that mobile phone field in this box. This way each message goes to the recipient that is produced by the trigger app.


The field might look like this for example: {{}}

Note: Google calendar does not have a mobile number field so the above example is just a guess of what your app might offer.

If you want to add multiple recipients, click the + sign down bottom right to add multiple fixed numbers and/or variable fields

recipient array.jpg


Once you have the SMS Everyone Account, Originator, Destinations and Message fields filled in correctly, down the bottom of the page, click "TEST"

You should get a "success" notification like this

success test.jpg

What if I get an error?

If you don't get a successful result, have a look at the bottom of the page at the RED section and there should be an error generated by SMS Everyone. Examples:

Campaign originator invalid. You must send from a registered origin","Code":-131

This means that youve tried to send from an originator that is not registered with SMS Everyone.

No valid destination number(s) specified","Code":-111

This means that your destination number/s are invalid or missing.


Once you have successfully tested the app. down the bottom right, click 'Deploy'


Once you've deployed the workflow, be sure to test the full thing end to end by getting your app to fire a trigger. In the case above, we simply create a new Google calendar appointment and within 5 minutes, we receive an SMS.


Did something not go as planned? Get in touch and we should be able to help you with whatever you need.

Sending to a stored list

In the SMS Everyone app, you can send an SMS to a list stored in your SMS Everyone account.

Log in to your SMS Everyone account


Add a list and put your recipients in there.

Then in Pipedream, you can select the "CRM IDs" optional field.

When you click on it, it will load up the lists stored in your SMS Everyone account and you can select them to send to. You can still send to recipients in the destinations field as well or you can make the destinations field blank and only send to a stored list.

Then if you want to change the recipients at any time, you can change it in your SMS Everyone account via our website or you can hit our API to modify the recipients.

Adding a reference

Click on 'Reference' to add a reference ID to your message.

it can be a fixed value or you can use a variable from your trigger data.

This field is not mandatory

Scheduling an SMS

At this time, Pipedream are sending us the date/time in UTC and not the time that is generated by the trigger app. We have a support request in to see if this can be fixed. Please do not use this function.

When it becomes available, you will need to add the Formatter app in between the trigger app and SMS Everyone.

it will need to convert the date time into this format



If you don't have an SMS Everyone account, feel free to sign up for a free trial and we'll send you the required info. Be sure to mention that you want to connect to Pipedream

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