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Email to SMS
Send & receive SMS from your email.

You can send SMS directly from your emails (ie outlook, gmail etc) by sending an email to a special email address that we give you which converts your email into an SMS and forwards it to any phone.

The recipient can reply to the SMS message and you receive that reply back as an email.

We include the message text that they are replying to so you can keep track of the conversation.

You can reply back and so on and so on.

Convert email to sms. Convert sms to email.




Example of an email we send you. It shows the end user's reply plus the message they are replying to.

Because each recipient's email address is different, you can save their email address as their "email to SMS" email. Then select them from your contacts as required.

You can choose whether you want to send the message in the body of the email or in the subject line.


Contact us any time for more info or give our FREE TRIAL a go.

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